The beginning of our story

About us

The heart of Biogut is us, Milda and Vaiva, two sisters who are constantly looking for the best products for their health and that of their family. The search path is not easy and simple, it requires a lot of professional knowledge, experience and skills, but at the same time it is nurturing and rewarding. We are very pleased to share our discoveries with you.

How did it all begin?

Hello! I am Vaiva. I always try to do the work I do as well as possible. I am a pharmacist and I love science very much. I completed my PhD with the expectation of working in some scientific institute or university. But man plans and God laughs.

After my studies, I ended up in Utena, where there is neither. But there is the College of Pharmacy and Utena, which kindly accepted me and believed in my ability to educate healthcare professionals by teaching them pharmacology.

That's how I worked for almost 10 years in two workplaces, until my family grew and I had to go on maternity leave.

Retreating from active work forced me to rethink my values ​​and rearrange my priorities. I realized that I have accumulated a lot of knowledge that prevents me from feeling comfortable in the pharmacy, because there are not always the products that I want to offer people.

Then I realized that no one would do what I needed for me: I started looking for manufacturers myself who have already created or could create food supplements and food products according to the recipes I put together in such a way that they give the greatest benefits, are convenient to use, and have strong science backed by solid evidence and as sustainable and ecological as possible.

Since I like to work in a team and I am well aware that I do not have all the necessary abilities, I invited my sister Milda, who was also on childcare leave, to the company.

We enthusiastically started the implementation of the idea, and after several months of discussions, searches and creative suffering, interspersed with feeding children, teething, night cries, wide children's smiles and other motherly joys, Bioguto was born.

What is Bioguto for us?

The goal of Biogut is healthy and happy people living an active life in a clean and healthy environment.

We believe that in order to achieve our dreams, we need to feel good. It requires effort, knowledge and tools. The effort must come from everyone personally, and we are determined to provide you with knowledge, suitable products and comprehensive support.

We believe that food can be our medicine. Various substances in food have great power, especially if they are in their natural form and in complex with other naturally occurring compounds.

That's why we have collected for you maximally natural products with a huge baggage of evidence based on science and we are happy to be able to accompany you towards a better well-being.

We deeply respect and protect our planet, so we strive for sustainability and ecology.

Only natural products

In glass bottles

Environmentally friendly packaging

We already contribute to this in the following ways:

• we use organic and nature-friendly materials for packing packages;
• we pack liquid products into glass bottles;
• for the production of products we use raw materials obtained from wild nature, organic or at least grown without the use of any pesticides.

We have chosen this path not because it is easy, but because we should all walk it.

Bioguto is built on the following values: highest quality, evidence-based health benefits, sustainability, transparency and strong feedback. We hope for a long and beautiful friendship with you!

With joy, Vaiva and Milda

Sort packages properly

Do you sort your trash? We are YES! And we encourage you to do the same. We choose product packaging very responsibly and try to make it recyclable and pollute the environment as little as possible. However, our efforts alone are not enough. We need each of your personal contributions in sorting packages so that they do not turn into garbage that goes to landfills. We really want to avoid this, so we remind you how to correctly sort the packaging left over from BIOGUTO products, so that they continue to live successfully recycled in other forms, instead of sadly rotting in landfills:

• The box you received the package in and the paper the bottles were wrapped in to prevent them from breaking must go in a paper and cardboard container.

• The glass bottle left over after consuming the products must find shelter in a glass container.

• Let the plastic cap from Biogut Omega-3 Premium fall into the plastic container.

• Metal caps must be placed in a metal container.

• Please tear off the labels from the glass containers and put them in the plastic container. They are made of recycled plastic. Let them be recycled again.

If you have to reuse the packaging, by all means do so! Even small steps lead to big changes.

Thank you for sorting packages and contributing to a cleaner face of the EARTH with us!